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Handpicked Accountants

Solutions Accountancy Handpicked As One Of The UK’s Leading Firms

Handpicked Accountants is a new service that aims to connect small business owners and company directors with accountants in their area that they know that they can trust to do a great job. Handpicked Accountants features an easy to use online searchable database, and their team are also on hand to provide a personalised accountant matching service.

Each of the firms that are featured in the Handpicked Accountants directory have been thoroughly vetted and have proved their worth through years of working with the professional Handpicked Accountants team – and we are delighted to announce that Solutions Accountancy has just won inclusion.

David Tattersall, Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants, said, “We launched Handpicked Accountants to try and take the lottery out of businesses finding an accountant that they know will do a great job. There are currently over 320,000 accountants registered in the UK, and so far we have only approved around 1,000 of these for inclusion. By taking the time to review each firm that we list we know that our clients will be guaranteed a fantastic level of service – and that is why we are delighted to be including Solutions Accountancy.”

Vicky Newham, Managing Director of Solutions Accountancy, commented, “First of all we are delighted that a service like Handpicked Accountants finally exists, and secondly we are thrilled to be part of it. 90% of our clients are referred to us by word of mouth, but we understand that not all business owners and company directors have access to that option. Here at Solutions Accountancy we are committed to providing the very best levels of novel, yet practical, service to our clients in the Construction and Manufacturing industries and are looking forward to being able to extend this to some exciting new clients through Handpicked Accountants.”